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… His illegal and tragic death …

It took Cecil 40 hours to die!! The first shot, which the authorities say came from the American dentist killer Palmer’s crossbow, was not enough to kill the lion. Cecil was tracked for nearly two days before dentist killer Palmer killed him with a gun.





In Memoriam

“Despite our sadness, as scientists, we seek to learn from this event, and to find some benefit from it. A very important aspect of lion conservation is what we call the perturbation effect: namely the cascading effects on the surviving lions of the death of one of them – in brief, we have found that when a male lion is killed, because of the way their society works, a likely consequence is the overthrow and death of other adult male members of his weakened coalition (normally of brothers), and the subsequent infanticide of his cubs by the incoming new coalition of males. We are working hard to study the consequences of Cecil’s death on his pride and their neighbours, so that we learn as much as possible. This requires hard work, manpower and expensive equipment, as does our wider work on lion conservation in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa.”  For more information please visit : – 

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News up-date on the Cecil Appeal from David Macdonald
August 1, 2015
“We continue to be in awe of the up-welling of concern globally following the illegal shooting of Cecil, and inspired by the interest that millions of people are taking in the conservation research that Dr Andy Loveridge and I direct in Hwange, in collaboration with Zimbabwe’s National Parks Authority. We are humbled by your support of our work, and of our mission, and deeply grateful. I feel that this global response is truly unique, and as such sends a signal that transcends the sad death of one lion and trumpets, inspirationally, hope not only for the conservation of lions in Africa but of wildlife worldwide.The future of wildlife hinges on it being valued”….For more information please visit

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Hunting is not a sport

dentist killed cecil
dentist killed cecil
dentist killed cecil
dentist killed cecil


Bronkhurst who pocketed $55.000 from his client, the American dentist killer PALMER told AFP Friday [July 31, 2015] he “ did nothing wrong on the hunt that killed Cecil the lion.”

Such his statement is shocking for the sophisticated and human majority of us and clearly is alarming one.  It indicates his lack of any human feelings or senses that as a result it could lead to potentially professional serial killings, not of the lions or other wild games, but a serial killing of human beings. For no one should have a pleasure by killing any living creatures be it small or large, domestic or wild one.

His other statements :” Both I and the client were extremely devastated that THIS THING had a collar on… and I left the collar there at the bait site and unfortunately that WAS STUPID OF ME and NEGLIGENT OF ME ” also indicate the” human side” of Mr. Bronkhurst. “I DON’T BELIEVE I FAILED in any duties at all, I was engaged by a client to do a hunt for him and we shot an old male lion that I believed was past his breeding age,” Bronkhorst said in telephone interview. He also revealed that Palmer had a trophy taken with the body of Cecil the lion!

Finally, his statement
– “We grew up hunting, our forefathers grew up hunting, and it is part of our culture” – clearly shows his ignorance about Zimbabwe and its culture.
Mr. Bronkhorst cannot be a native of Zimbabwe but rather a resident of the country he immigrated to either from Germany, Holland or England.
Hunting by the tribes in Zimbabwe was not done out of pleasure for killing but out of necessity –  hunger and poverty. As in other colonial countries native tribes suffered and were exploited by the rich ones coming from Europe, hence their hunting in an ongoing efforts for survival.

The statement of Mr. Bronkhorst :
“If you cannot have a sustainable off take of wildlife, you’re not going to have wildlife because no farmer is going to look after them if they cannot make money from them.”
– surely confirms his ignorance of Zimbabwe peoples and their cultures.

His last statement:

I don’t foresee any jail sentence at all, I think it’s been blown out of proportion by social media and I think it’s been a deliberate ploy to ban all hunting and especially lion hunting in Zimbabwe.” –
is a very disturbing for it speaks by itself  and confirms his lack of any moral, ethical or human values.

We are much too much disgusted with the American killer from Minnesota, the dentist killer Walter Palmer – hence our silence about this “creature”. It is worth to mention, though, that 55K he paid to kill, would be much better invested in education of our children. For sure, they would benefit!!!

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Aren't they cute......

Aren’t they cute……

Aren’t they cute……


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