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… His illegal and tragic death …

It took Cecil 40 hours to die!! The first shot, which the authorities say came from the American dentist killer Palmer’s crossbow, was not enough to kill the lion. Cecil was tracked for nearly two days before dentist killer Palmer killed him with a gun.





In Memoriam


“Cecil was one of our study lions. We had followed his movements in minute detail since 2008 – these are remarkable data. Of course,
as people devoted to wildlife, and having known Cecil personally, we are deeply saddened by his death, and insofar as this happened
allegedly illegally we consider it deeply reprehensible (and we are working closely with the National Parks authorities to support
their meticulous work in prosecuting this case). We support all efforts to prevent illegal and unscrupulous hunts.” – wildCru.org 

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We decided to keep Cecil’s page on the site for good as a reminder of importance to preserve, nourish or develop our own high qualities and expectations. It is our firm belief that the humanity is the corner stone of our existence as human beings. Being moral, ethical, knowledgeable and sensitive are some of vital factors in our lives as humans. If we do not nurture these qualities and support others in their efforts to develop them we are in a danger of being ourselves destroyed by those human beings that are lacking these qualities thereby following their instincts to kill and destroy. OK-O.US


cecil the lionWe must never forget what happened to Cecil and we are sure, many other wild protected or unprotected animals. We must do our utmost to prevent and stop such cruel and mercfulness acts done by our fellows “the humans”.
“Cecil, a 13-year-old lion, wandered out of his sanctuary in a national park in Zimbabwe this month, following the scent of a potential snack. At the other end of Cecil’s search was a lure, placed there by hunters who, conservationists say, wanted their prey to cross into unprotected territory so they could kill him. Cecil, well known to those who visited the Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe for his jet black mane, was beheaded, according to conservation officials. His corpse was left to rot in the sun.
Zimbabwean officials said that Dr. Walter J. Palmer, an American hunter known for killing big game with a bow and arrow, killed Cecil, and was being sought on poaching charges”.
Johnny Rodrigues of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Cecil was lured out of a protected game preserve one night in early July by a hunting party that tied a dead animal to a car. Resources : NYT


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Aren't they cute......

Aren’t they cute……


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