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We, at the International Marketing Online provide up to date Business Tech Solutions that combine with extremely effective global advertising service brings the best results to our clients’ companies.

Our goal is to keep your business ahead of your competition. We are successful in reaching this goal that has proven to be extremely beneficial for our members thereby improving their fortunes and of course, made them happy and proud of their successes.  

The members of our TEAM are experienced software developers and marketers in local and international arena who offer besides traditional technical or marketing methods, the newest and the most essential strategies- the cornerstones in digital development and the marketing.  These are the most important factors in creating the tools hat help your business grow !  

The services we offer include:

  • Content and Digital Marketing

    Providing an ongoing effort – [so far we have been quite successful!!] – to keep the companies grow, attractive and visible.
    We are extremely lucky to have a strong TEAM that creates the websites with the quality content that reflects the member companies’ goals, their actions,  services and products.. This is one of the most important keys to increase the traffic and the leads.

  • Social Media Campaign

    Another most important area i.e. action in our work to improve the growth and visibility of the member companies. This is the field that brings to the companies a great number of potential new customers.
    Having the abilities to speak and communicate in many foreign languages (French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian), we are engaged with many of these target groups worldwide. Such cooperation brings our member companies EFFECTIVE results such as an ongoing GROWTH, VISIBILITY and subsequently BENEFITS!

    As & nbsp; affiliates with many fine domestic and internationally known well established enterprises, we are happy to share on our sites, their fine products, newest offers, sales, discounts, seasonal promotions and coupons.

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    offers the following service:

Website Design, Development and Maintenance

Your website is the mirror of your company and as such the most important key to your success.
Besides the web design and development service the TEAM focuses on planning and creating a successful online marketing campaigns.

Video Production Service

All aspects of the production are created and done by the TEAM members.

Embedded Firmware Design and Implementation

The TEAM members program dynamic content from data base information, add e-commerce and configure a variety of software packages, shopping cart systems, bulletin boards and blogs.
They take your designs and by using various embedded software development tools, programming languages, development environments and technologies they produce the most efficient programming pieces for you…

All applications are produced in English or any of other desired target languages.

Aren't they cute......

Aren’t they cute……