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 #1.                 FOR SALE BY OWNER:

      violin   _violin    violin   violin  violin

  This grandfather violin is over 150 years old. Excellent condition, rich , full sound and extremely well preserved. Only serious and those who can afford the price please CONTACT US.   

 #2.                 FOR SALE BY OWNER:


This violin is the make of Italian Master/constructor D’ESPINE ALEXANDRE (1823-1842) following the model of ANTONIO    STRADIVARI (Long Pattern) from the period of 1690 -1694 (360 mm, 170 mm, 115 mm, 205 mm). The surface plate is made of very beautiful  PICEA FUNGENS and the bottom plate of outstanding ACER PLATANOIDES… . The polish of best quality was used. This polish is consisted of Ferul resin ( Asiatic type ) GALBANUM & AMMONLACUM which DESPINE usually used and which is very similar to the polish of Ceruti, Cremona. The wooden material used for this instrument – (please see the pictures below) – already had an outstanding antiquated quality in the time of the erection, so that this fact may drive the expert into a trouble as the violin looks more ancient than as if it were made in the period of time in which D’ESPINE lived and worked. This violin is in very good state and represents one of the RARE SAMPLES of D’ESPINE ALEXANDRE [ALESSANDRE D’ESPINE], who, in his work, took a lot after LORENZO GIAMBATISTA GUADANINI, PIACENZE. THIS VIOLIN IS APPRAISED AND CERTIFIED ON MARCH 3, 1984.
violin DSC02232  violin  violinviolin


This violin is one of a very few ORIGINAL works of

D’Espine Alexandre (1698–1744)

Appraised and Certified

You may find the following information about D’Espine Alexandre by visiting this site. Only serious and those who can afford the price please CONTACT US  

#3.                 FOR SALE BY OWNER:

AUDI 4EGreat condition                                          



Classic Audi E4 1980 120.000 miles, running great, good condition, ONE Owner, good driving condition, always stored in a garage, manual, 5 speeds, new battery, AC, excellent body shape, Micheline tires, needs oil change and a minimal manual repair….One owner!!



#4.                 FOR SALE BY OWNER:



#4.                 FOR SALE BY OWNER: Excellent Condition: Cadilac Eldorado , low mileage – only 84.700, good condition, sun roof, automatic, air-conditioner, smooth drive, always stored in a garage, great shape……SOLD

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